Seeking Who and What We Really Are

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all of these things shall be added to you.” – Luke 12:31

Last week’s lesson in our series of the Provocative Parables of Jesus is usually captioned The Rich Fool and it tells the story of a man who had too many crops so as to make the decision to build a larger barn and then rest on his laurels.  The parable then tells of God “saying” to him that that night he was going to die and where would all his crops go then.  We are learning that all the teachings of Jesus through parable are metaphysical tools – none to be taken literally.  It is a reminder to keep our focus on where and what our Source is – when we focus on just the outer experience of stuff and more stuff and forget to add the spiritual component to our lives, nothing flows as it should.  When we keep a spiritual focus, in conjunction with achieving what is our choice to achieve, things move evenly and smoothly.  It isn’t wrong to have stuff or to dream, plan and desire.  It is just a reminder that once things (stuff) are gained, then can seem hollow without knowing their Source which always then is the frosting if not the substance of everything as well.  The Parable speaks to the inheritance we leave.  It is always to our own self…it is consciousness and it then builds our tomorrows.

The Scripture reference last week ended with the 32nd verse that contains it all, “…your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom.”  Not a future or past tense…a present tense.  It is always “given” to us for we are the Kingdom and It is us.  Ours is to keep the spiritual component in our seeking and things work out the better.  You are a spiritual being…you live in a spiritual universe…you are governed by spiritual law…unless…another choice is temporarily made.