“The 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins spoken to are reminders of how important our senses are and how we must be aware of what we are accepting as real and true.”

Last Sunday’s lesson was number seven in our series on the Provocative Parables of Jesus, and it was the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins and the bridegroom’s celebration of the wedding.  I is often taught in a scary way that speaks to the end of the world and how many will be locked out because they didn’t manage their situation and ran out of oil.  That was negated early in the lesson and the focus was upon the metaphysics of the event.  The Kingdom or eternal celebration of the marriage between thought and feeling is always being held within us, and the five foolish virgins represent input from our five senses that indeed we will eventually learn to not admit into the workings of our lives.  If we believe everything our senses are subjected to and import them into consciousness as a Truth or Belief, then confusion reigns.  The Parable is telling us to keep our oil plentiful (senses fed with a direction that will benefit us) and we will always be more consciousness of this internal celebration that is constantly taking place.