Provocative Parables of Jesus

Last week’s lesson on our Provocative Parable series is commonly referred to as the Wicked Husbandman.  Today he might be called a share cropper meaning he took care of a piece of land and for his efforts kept an agreed amount of the harvest.  As the parables are read it is easy to forget they are not to be taken literally, but are stories that have an inner meaning, yet in this case, Jesus spoke of a circumstance that many of His hearers could remember as something that actually happened.  Metaphysically the owner of the land is us as we make choices that “plant” dreams and goals in the “field” of consciousness.  Ideally we remember what we are doing and accomplish this activity with insight and care thereby bringing forth a harvest that is productive and one that enhances our spiritual focus.  In the story the owner left the field, meaning he didn’t keep watchfulness over the status of what might need oversight.  Whenever we do this, and then make a half-hearted effort to insure that our thought-input into goals, dreams and plans, things usually do not find the fulfillment we desire.  The story is a reminder that once we make the specific choice to be centered within a specific goal to be watchful and protective of the new goals as previous tendencies might creep in.  Plan, dream and desire deeply and then guard these choices until they become a natural way of living our life.