Provocative Parables

“The mustard seed is a statement of what always is.  The leaven is what we must do with it.”

The above quote was from last Sunday’s lesson as we continue with our Provocative Parables series as the Parables of the mustard seed and the leaven were the two around which the lesson was based.  In the Gospel of Luke the two parables are shared in what appears to be in the same few moments of time, the Leaven immediately following the Mustard seed.  The Mustard seed metaphysically represents the spark of our God-identity that is always and forever within us.  The man in the Parable represents the intellect within each, and once this God-identity becomes logical it is “planted” in the field of consciousness and it grows into a place where the “birds of the air” (metaphysically the God-ideas that now are consciously acknowledged enhance the process of our knowing more and more the logic behind our God-identity.  Then we have to do something with it, for it is our nature to give form and shape to this Energy as we dream, desire and plan.  The seed becomes the grain and the grain then becomes the dough that when leavened can rise and fulfill the tangible shape that dream, desire and plan have launched.  Now we have the woman as the prime character in the Parable, and a female metaphysically is the emotional or feeling nature within each.  Now the Parable is telling us to learn to be guided by our gut feelings as we explore the various outcomes from dream, desire and plan.  If it feels good to move forward, and if it doesn’t to change course as we continue to create our own experiences in this journey of life.