You Cannot Not Arrive

In our Series we spent a little time last Sunday on the Parable of the workers in the vineyard and how they were paid.  Two major lessons emerge from this Parable.  First and foremost to understand the rather pithy verse about the last being first and the first being last.  In our journey we all “make it” from point A (whatever that means) to point B no matter how many side roads or cul-de-sac we choose.  For whatever reason some journey appear to be more challenging (longer) than others, but we all get a passing grade because a failing grade doesn’t even exist as a possibility.  Then you know what?  Following the completion of a segment of our eternal journey we find another vineyard and begin another cycle.  Worry not – there is only God, and remember, in you, through you and as you!  Then, sometimes, like the first laborers who ended up working the full day, a moment in our journey doesn’t work out the way we thought it should have and we are left with the opportunity of choosing how we respond to it.  We can use words such as injustice, accident, victim and similar, and by so doing bring these energies into consciousness where they can but serve as a basis for a similar moment, or move forward, perhaps the wiser, but move forward in peace.  Choices abound. In them all, choose peace.