Energy of Focus

“It doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing with their vibration, it only matters what you are doing. You cannot desire something—and notice that it isn’t coming—without offering two contradictory vibrations that won’t let it come.”  Abraham  [Excerpted from Boca Raton, FL – Saturday, January 15th, 2005]

Just another reminder of how the “game” of life is played and how it works.  What we consciously need to learn is how to offer just one vibration into the process of our dreams, plans and desires becoming real in our lives.  So often we have a plan or desire for something specific, along with, a focus on it not being in our lives where we can taste, touch and enjoy.  What this is saying is to tell the story of not the absence of something good in our lives, but how we want things to be, as if they already are.  Consciously alert for the times when we are holding as a vibratory focus the want and absence of something allows a different choice to be made and it becomes easier almost as if we are playing a game with ourselves.