“This important subject of money and financial success is not the “root of all evil” as many have quoted—nor is it the path to happiness. So when you are able to successfully control something like the subject of money that affects most of you all day, every day, you will have accomplished something rather significant—for not only is it certain that your financial success must improve, but the evidence of thatsuccess will then prepare you for deliberate improvement in every aspect of your life experience.”  — Abraham  [Excerpted from the book Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness“]

In the late 19th century Unity and other aspects of New Thought made the amazing proclamation for any organized type of religious philosophy that contrary to some proclamations, money isn’t the root of all evil, even going so far as to re-define “evil” so as to take it out of the realm of something to fear, just a word that carries the weight of a misunderstanding of why and how things that are not productive sometimes appear in our lives.  Money is a spiritual tool that enables us to tap into an aspect of the Abundance of the Universe, and as such, innately good.  True, it will not buy happiness and neither will the seeming lack of it “buy” sorrow as both are choices we make.  But, as a tool, it enables us to provide a pleasurable environment within which to better remember who and what we are in God, and Who and What God is in (and as) us.  Jesus indicated that money was the side effect of keeping our focus on patterns of love, understanding, acceptance and joy.  Catherine Ponder said that someone with a financial need came to talk to her and said, “Catherine, something just has to give,” as he was experiencing shortage throughout his life.  She said, “Yes, and that something is a someone…and it is you.”  If you have a challenge in the area of the flow of Divine Substance in the form of money, through you and into the fulfillment of your dream and desire, examine your giving.  There are many areas of life where this might be needful of a review.  Time, talent and tithe are the areas.  You can never out give God, yet in order for the inflow, there has to be an outflow, and this must happen first.  The principle of tithing is first found in our Scripture as its Principle was realized a long time ago.  Money is the expression of a Spiritual Principle called Abundance and Prosperity.  Un-tapped channels are available past and beyond our present ability to sense or see, just waiting for an open and receptive mind and heart.