“At its best, government t is a delicately chosen, evenly balanced group of fair minded, willing individuals who have a genuine desire that the life of every individual be as wonderful as it can be.  Many minds, with tremendous collective experience, coming together to promote the common good. At its worst government provides no value to you whatsoever.

“ But since government never has been and never will be your Source of Well-being, we would not worry about it. When anyone, government or individual, does for another that which they have intended to do for themselves, there is an imbalance. In time, the backlash from that imbalance can become painfully apparent.

“Fortunately, your individual focus and decisions are the powerful mechanisms that most effect your life. Decisions made for you by someone else need not affect you and will not affect you unless you turn your attention to them and push against. A perfect government is not essential to your experience.”  [Abraham Hicks – 10/6/96]

And the government shall be upon his shoulders. (Is 9:6).  The only real “government” is always the relationship we each have with the conscious awareness of the “representatives” that we are always sending to the Law of Mind Action (Attraction) for fulfillment.  Sending (generating) conflicting thought/ideas will result in conflicted pseudo-laws that speak not to joy, wellness and peace in our experience (life).  This is what happens when we push against our perceptions of what is taking place in our land and in the world.  This action, that can be thought or word, then generates an energy that gives increasingly authority for our well-being to something outside of us whose focus is never grounded in spiritual Truths.  Granted, we live in a government called Pima County, Arizona and the United States – each generating laws, some to our liking and probably most not.  Our connectivity with Spirit (Source/God) is the One reality of who and what we truly are, and the more we direct conscious awareness to this connection, the more it becomes the overriding “representative” that writes the Laws that override everything produced by non-connected man.  Practice on not pushing against. Probably those who read this have nothing whatsoever to do with the job of making or enforcing laws, so practice not going out of your way to do so in mind, thought or word, as this choice then generates an experience of “government” that will appear to be unresponsive, capricious and very self-serving.   We are further reminded, In the world but not of the world.  Not always an easy choice, but one that results in peace.