Knee Jerk Choices

“Have you accomplished your point of attraction deliberately or by default? Have you prepared the climate or atmosphere around you by deliberately meditating; by quieting your mind; by looking for thoughts that feel good; by making lists of things that please you? Or is your point of attraction a knee-jerk response to something someone else said; or to something you are observing around you? What is the reason for your point of attraction? Why are you thinking the thoughts that you are thinking? Are you doing it on purpose? Or are you doing it by default?”  — Abraham  [Excerpted from North Los Angeles, CA – Saturday, February 22nd, 2014]

This is a reminder of an exercise that could be made part of our day because it is so easy.  Upon awakening close to the time we want to rise and shine, to purposefully and consciously choose a focus upon something that feels good, in other words, something of our choice, not what we remember from the previous night’s news or similar…something of our choice that has the side effect of good and happy feelings.  The analogy of being a thermostat or thermometer is another analogy that says the same thing.  A thermometer bases its reporting on what is fed into it by the environment; a thermostat creates the environment we choose.  We in Unity often speak the phrase, Life (our) is consciousness (ours expressing back to us).  With today’s quote, our point of attraction upon which our moment, day and beyond is formed can be knee jerk or deliberate.  Deliberate is better.