Ticks and Similar Things

“We want you to enjoy the contrasting experience, just like you enjoy the contrasting buffet. And we want you to reach the place (and practicing Virtual Reality will help you to gain this confidence) that whenever you’re in front of a buffet that has so much that you do like to eat, as well as some that you don’t like to eat, you don’t feel frustrated that there are things there you don’t want to eat. You don’t feel compelled to put them on your plate and eat them; you just pick the things that you like. And the Universe of thought is the same way. You can choose from it the things that you like.” —  Abraham [Excerpted from Salt Lake City, UT – Saturday, June 29th, 2002]

A very applicable and time-sensitive reminder.  The close world of family and environmental things, and the somewhat further world of people, governments and things, all offer what Abraham calls a contrasting buffet that we can embrace within us, or refuse to embrace within us.  Each carries with it a vibrational energy that is keyed into what we perceive is happening, and once we embrace it, meaning giving strong attention to it, the vibrational energy then becomes part of consciousness…our consciousness.  “But it’s there…it’s all over the news.”  Yes, it is there, but now we have a choice as to what to do with it and its energy.  We can stir around in it and launch out in a sundry amount of similar paths, each one feeling worse, or if the initial exposure didn’t feel good, then a more productive choice might be to fork our attention (focus) away from what doesn’t feel good, and into a focus of a blessing of love, and leaving it there.

A story is told of Joel Goldsmith.  He was in Hawaii.  There was a dutch door in the kitchen leading to the outside.  The top half of the door was open allowing in the breeze and happy sounds.  Joel heard a scratching at the door and went over to investigate.  There was a dog – one that Joel didn’t know, scratching.  Joel opened the door and the dog walked in and lay down on the hard surface of the kitchen floor.  He remembered saying, “I’m not sure why you have come here, but let’s pray together,” and knelt down beside the dog, place his hand on its head, and in Joel’s tuned-in fashion begin to acknowledge Oneness.  Before long a large quantity of ticks were seen crawling out from under the dog’s unkempt hair.  They were swept into a dust pan and taken away.  The dog got up and walked away.

Perhaps think of unhappy buffet choices that the world sometimes offers as ticks we don’t want to keep or allow to multiply.  Perhaps think of their appearance on the screen of our moment as only a call for prayer to acknowledge love and Oneness, and then swept up and move on.  Perhaps?