Chicken or Egg?

“You cannot be in a steady feeling of poverty and allow abundance. Those two vibrations don’t go together. You’ve got to find the vibration of abundance. Humans often say, “How can I find the vibration of abundance when I’m standing in a vacuum where no abundance exists?” And we say: You’ve got to use the power of your mind. You’ve got to find a way to offer a vibration that matches abundance before abundance can flow into your experience. You have to feel the way you want to live. In other words, you’ve got to be happy even in the absence of what you want. And in time, what you desire will come.”  — Abraham  [Excerpted from Boca Raton, FL – Saturday, January 18th, 2014]

The Law that governs all things is either consistent or it isn’t.  And, if it isn’t, then there is luck, accident or chance at work which means that on occasion, without our knowing when, one plus one will no longer be two.  What is challenging to many is that this same law/Principle extends Itself into how we interact with It, and here we often want to take a bye and have the Law work for us only when we want it to work, and in other instances overlook a conscious choice on our part to be negative thinking that it will not have repercussions.  The Law is consistent.  It governs the Principle of Abundance in our lives…and what must come first, abundance or a feeling abundance?  Make me rich and then I’ll feel thankful and abundant!  No, that’s not the way it goes.  If things are not to the level of abundance in your life that you desire at this moment, you somehow have to first find the way to feel the abundance you are seeking.  It is very helpful to find something that outwardly reinforces what the mind is focused upon…go visit the most expensive car dealership in Tucson or where you live (even if you don’t want a car at this moment) and ask the salesperson if you can just sit in the car for a few moments.  Visit the most expensive restaurant/resort in the city and sit in the lounge and order a coke (or whatever) and sit there for an hour or so.  You get the idea.  In this environment, practice a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for what the flow of abundance means to you.  Inwardly speak affirmations of thankful-appreciation for your instant, consistent and abundant access to the Kingdom that is awaiting an focused choice to be made from the Life’s menu of everything that is wonderful. The “egg” must come before the chicken.