“You cannot worry about someone and love them at the same time. Most people mistake the emotion of worry for the emotion of love. They think that worrying about somebody means that you love them.”  — Abraham  [Excerpted from Chicago, IL – Sunday, November 2nd, 1997]

Why might this be so?  If everything is energy based, as we comfortably use terms that describe vibratory frequencies to define such things as light and sound, worry must have a unique energy pattern as then does love.  Let’s not think that a pattern of worry about someone or something that we might hold in consciousness hinds another in any way because we cannot impose ourselves upon another in this way, but the energy that is worry has the inherent tendency to bring into our awareness more things and events that carry with them the choice of worry, as the Universe thusly assumes that worry is an energy we enjoy.  (We are that powerful!) On the other hand, Love, because it is a synonym for the Energy of Spirit, does have influence upon person, place and thing as it “tickles” that innate and inherent Energy within those upon whom we center our Love-attention and enhances Its Energy to be felt more easily.  Said another way, the Energy of Love, as we prayerfully focus it upon another, somehow seems to make the choice for It a logical choice for another.  That choice then does the same thing for us as we more quickly move to love in more and more we do.  So, Love all those in government and throughout the world… (all those)…and then we are part of the solution, not the problem.