Life is full of changes, and it is never the change itself that produces conflict or even joy…it is always our perception of the experience and our willingness to then realize that within it a blessing always exists.  Seldom do we think this way about things that we deep to be pleasant or wonderful, yet to apply the same principle is to then discover even more of what we think to be pleasant and wonderful.  Why?  This is the nature of the Universe (God) and hence is the nature of each. Feelings of conflict or disappointment can be the spring board into what now senses a deeper opportunity to be open and receptive to what will express itself in and through us as our innate Nature, and we can leave the other feelings or perceptions that are unpleasant (at least expressing a willingness to do so) and therein discover the greater good.  Life is full of changes, and within each is to be found something that is fulfilling.