“Because others cannot vibrate in your experience, they cannot affect the outcome of your experience. They can hold their opinions, but unless their opinion affects your opinion, their opinion matters not at all. A million people could be pushing against you and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back. That million people pushing against you are affecting their millions of vibrations. They are affecting what happens in their experience. They are affecting their point of attraction, but it does not affect you unless you push against them.”  Abraham[Excerpted from Orlando, FL on 2/21/98]

Applied to this Sunday’s subject of Forgiveness, no one can impose upon you something you do not feel comfortable to do or say.  “To thine own self be true.”  Should a measure of peace come by expressing genuine and appropriate words of either accepting or offering words of forgiveness than this is important to you and your journey.  If it doesn’t come from within you as being honest and sincere, then it is better to make choices based on what is true to one’s self.  Meaningless words are not appropriate be they demanded of us to say so another can feel good.