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Daily Word message from July 1924

God in me is my light and my understanding.

“The truth that God is the (Source) of man (and woman) does away with the oft-proclaimed presumption that it is impossible for the finite to understand the Infinite.” [Christian Healing, page 10]

“In order to have spiritual understanding man must first realize that he has capacity for it. When one acknowledges that it is natural and right for man to have full knowledge of the Infinite, he is but confirming his own ability to enjoy infinite understanding. Man is the manifestation of God within, and, in His likeness is all-wise and all-knowing.

“To believe in the real presence of God as Divine Mind in you is to identify yourself with all light and unlimited mentality. He takes his God-given dominion and power first through consciousness, and, consequently, must have full possession of all truth.

“Begin today to rise out of the belief that by nature you are limited in understanding. Never think or say that anything is too difficult for you to comprehend. Think at all times of man as capable of knowing all truth. Learn to rely upon the light of God within to make clear whatever you wish to know.”