“When you effectively utilize the marvelous Guidance System that comes forth from your Inner Being – in the form of emotion – then you will be in a position to always effectively create that which you want, while you deliberately avoid creating that which you do not want.  As you are sensitive, in any time, to the emotion that you are feeling, you will know, in that moment, if you are creating toward or away from that which you want. You may trust your inner guidance, for it comes forth from that broader, wiser part of yourself that has the advantage of knowledge that is accumulated from thousands of lifetimes, both physical and non-physical.”  – Abraham

Doesn’t it stand to reason that Infinite Intelligence that is Source (God) would not have executed the process of creation in an incomplete fashion?  Our emotions are one of the ways that our Higher Self can activate within a physical extension of Itself that we identify as us.  As an example, there is a phrase that has been used, “Push through your fear,” meaning to ignore the powerful emotion of fear and do the action.  Not correct.  If fear is an emotion that is present, it is a signpost that is telling us to perhaps pull back, exercise caution or similar.  If something brings up the emotion of joy, anticipation, appreciation or love, you are probably focusing on an action or an event that will be of benefit to engage.  Practice listening to what your gut is telling you – it is You talking to you.