We’ve Got the Con

“What anyone else has or does not have has nothing to do with you. The only thing that affects your experience is the way you utilize the Non-Physical Energy with your thought. Your abundance or lack of it in your experience has nothing to do with what anybody else is doing or having. It has only to do with your perspective. It has only to do with your offering of thought. If you want your fortunes to shift, you have to begin telling a different story.”  — Abraham  [Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness”]

Over and over again we hear this to be a point of challenge for people – let’s approach it another time…  At the basis of the Universe there is Principle (Law) that is behind all things…specifically for individuals (us) it is that which affects us and our point of expression.  It is behind all things, of course…for there is individual consciousness and then collective consciousness…but the “us” is what grabs our attention.  The Law (Principle) that can be synthesized within the concept of ‘consciousness’ tells us that we are a Law unto our own selves, and unless we focus upon, and then vector another’s thought of limitation into our world, we can ignore such things as luck, chance and accident and just be who we Spiritually are.  How do we insure that this is the chosen choice we are making?  The collective called Abraham says to purposefully begin to tell the store of who we truly are and what we want to do, be and have.  Give voice/thought/energy to “but it is” logic, and the “it” is strengthened.  Why?  Because Principle/Law always…and now using a very human term…always assumes we know what we are doing and rushes to fulfill our requests that thought and word are generating.  Fight against this by whatever logic that appears to be floating now in our life, and while we are still the producer, director, screenwriter and all the rest that is the creative essence behind our everything…we now step away from the command post of being consciously aware of this joyous responsibility and give it over to the ignorance or fear of something outside of ourselves.  Not a good choice.

Energy of Focus

“It doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing with their vibration, it only matters what you are doing. You cannot desire something—and notice that it isn’t coming—without offering two contradictory vibrations that won’t let it come.”  Abraham  [Excerpted from Boca Raton, FL – Saturday, January 15th, 2005]

Just another reminder of how the “game” of life is played and how it works.  What we consciously need to learn is how to offer just one vibration into the process of our dreams, plans and desires becoming real in our lives.  So often we have a plan or desire for something specific, along with, a focus on it not being in our lives where we can taste, touch and enjoy.  What this is saying is to tell the story of not the absence of something good in our lives, but how we want things to be, as if they already are.  Consciously alert for the times when we are holding as a vibratory focus the want and absence of something allows a different choice to be made and it becomes easier almost as if we are playing a game with ourselves.

Barriers to Our Good

“You cannot receive vibrationally something that you are not a vibrational match to. And so, bless those who are finding abundance. And in your blessing of them and their abundance, you will become abundant, too. But in your cursing of their abundance, you hold yourself apart from it. It is a law – it is a powerful law.”  — Abraham  [Excerpted from Boulder, CO – Saturday, June 12th, 2004]

Probably bringing coal to Newcastle, but there can be a deeply buried tendency within us that can look at something that another is experiencing and place judgments upon it.  He/she doesn’t deserve that, or similar.  Just assuming that there is at the core of all creation an immutable Law that can be described as the Law of Mind Action or Attraction…which if we find fault with whatever another has or gains, now produces a vibrational barrier between us and the abundance we are seeking.  Rejoice in the good that someone is experiencing…it doesn’t matter the how’s, why’s or similar.  “Good for you…I can do something similar in my life!”  A subtle thing that might be expressed every now and then by us that we can be watchful for.  Dream and desire big and bless everyone who is successful in their lives…they might not even understand the Law, but they are doing something right and it is working well for them.  If just one can experience something wonderful, so can you!


The most magnificent Creators don’t want to get together with people who think just like they do. They’re looking for people who have other thoughts, because out of the contradiction, comes ideas that could not be born out of sameness. Your relationships will be ultimately more if you’re not identical twins just “yessing, yessing, yessing” to everything that the other one is about.  — Abraham  [Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA – Saturday, July 24th, 1999]

What a wonderful, salient quote from the collective called Abraham.  It is logically true, unless and until we are confronted with a point of view that conflicts with our own and then so easy to forget.  The choices in any conversation with two or more points of vision/view are to become angry, defensive and then move to an attack posture so that we can be right…or to become passive as we listen, and then as we make the choice of what might be a point of acceptance of another, if not necessarily a belief or view to internalize.  “Yes, I can understand how you might feel that or think that,” or something similar if there isn’t anything that really can be agreed with.  Then, “Do you really want to hear what I think and believe…not to make you wrong or me right, but just an exposure to my thinking?”  It is very possible that the whole conversation might end at that moment, but with an ending note that isn’t a raised voice which leaves both you and the other person feeling anything but happy.  Sometimes a “Do you really want to know what I think about this” will end a potentially unhappy conversation before it begins.  What is the goal?  Always our peace, for out of a foundation of peace our greater good can always be realized the sooner.  We cannot ever make the choice for another to make the choice for peace, but we always can for ourselves.  Then, never overlook the possibility that someone just needs a listening ear and an understanding heart because they have made the choice for something other than peace and might not know how to adequately cope.

Be Not Dismayed

“When you wait until momentum is well underway before you are aware that you are moving in the direction that you don’t want to go, sometimes the momentum is too strong and so that negative momentum just has to play itself out. But, we want you to know that nothing ever really goes wrong: that you can’t get it wrong; and you never get it done. And the reason that you can’t get it wrong is because it is never done. There is always another opportunity to direct your thoughts and accomplish momentum in the direction of things that you do want.”  — Abraham[Excerpted from Phoenix, AZ – Saturday, February 1st, 2014]

Assuming the collective called Abraham knows what they are talking about…take heart whenever you find yourself in a situation or condition that isn’t pleasant.  Rather than bemoan what a #%@$% I have been, or even seemingly are, take another tack.  Why?  To bemoan or claim something akin to stupidity for the present moment only increases its negative value in the present moment and makes it worse.  (A preacher dropped to a congregant’s house on Sunday just in time for a chicken dinner.  A young child asked him, “what is in your neck.”  “A boil that God sent to me so I might suffer.”  “Why don’t you help God out and button your collar?”)  Bemoaning where we are is like buttoning our collar. Instead seek to allow the moment to play itself out with the understanding that for whatever the reason, it came to pass…meaning to pass away.  Choose instead the axiom that reinforces that this moment isn’t forever…it is just a bump in the road…and then remember and affirm, “I can never get it wrong because I never get it done; I am eternal.”  By not adding more fuel to the unhappy moment, it will  the quicker allow it to dissipate into the creative energies of the thought focus not being embraced.  “Nothing ever really goes wrong” in a God-sense.  If presently in the middle of a bump in the road of life, become pre-active in doing, thinking and affirming what is on the side of the solution, not on the side of its seeming wrong-ness.