From Daily Word Magazine, March, 1932. “The Unenjoyment Situation”

“Whether or not we enjoy living is a matter of our reactions to experiences in life. Those who enjoy life know how to react joyfully to the adverse situations that confront them. They get a keen sense of enjoyment out of knowing that they are masters of situations, in command of circumstances.

“Can you say today that you really enjoy living, that you are in love with your work, happy in your situation? Do you actually enjoy handling the affairs of the day that present themselves to you? Have you learned to react to adverse situations with a smile? If so, then yo enjoy life. If you have learned the doctrine of good cheer, then your duty is to help others to enjoy themselves.

“There are those who have prosperity and success, with every material thing in which they have hoped to find happiness, but still for them the unenjoyment situation remains acute. The world is full of those who are pampered and coddled on every hand, looking for a thrill, seeking some external thing to give them pleasure. They try to buy it and they seek everywhere to find it, but without success.

“Life does not overwhelm us with its joys and literally force us to be happy. Many of us take the attitude that we are guests here on earth, willing to be entertained but rather skeptical about the entertainment. The true situation is that all of us are hosts dispensing the hospitality of God and spreading His cordiality to others, and especially to those indisposed to enjoy themselves.

“The nonresistant attitude helps a great deal toward giving us the right reaction to negative situations. If one is inclined to fight and to resist experiences, one will be found to be without happiness. The person who lets things disturb him is never one with a sense of inner peace, quiet and joy. His rebellious mental attitude destroys whatever joy is to be found in his experiences.

“If you would do your part in reliving the unenjoyment situation, cease to give much thought to things and adverse experiences. Find joy within your heart first, and there will be no difficult problems. The happy person is not happy because there is nothing to make him unhappy. He is happy because he as discovered the secret of happiness, and this revelation has shown him his superiority over things of the external world.

“Resolve this morning to enjoy yourself all day long regardless of what happens. Find in every incident of the day something to be happy about, or something that will bring you a blessing. The adverse condition of things should never affect your inner world. Possibly, some of the happiest persons that we meet are those who have had problems and have had to solve them through happiness.

“Many an artist of the stage has received bad news at the moment of his cue for performance and has been faithful to his work of radiating happiness and good cheer to an audience that detected no thought of grief. The man who can do this is more than actor. He is, indeed, master because he is master of his emotions. And, helping others to be happy,he lessens his own sense of sorrow.

“There are those who have enemies whom they deify. They give these enemies power to make them unhappy, and believe in the ability of their enemies to do so. No worshiper of a strange, pagan god ever gave the deity more power over himself than does such a person give to his so-called enemy when he gives that one power to destroy his happiness. If today you are feeling happy and you learn that another person has said or done something that you dislike, are you going to become unhappy about the situation? Are you willing toi believe that any person can destroy for you that which God gives you–joy?

“To enjoy life we must move with it. If we are in harmony with life, it will assist us in our day-by-day difficulties. Things seem to conspire against us only when we fight and resist the adverse experiences of life. If we give more thought to joy, we will find that eventually joy will fill our life. Start the joy thought going and there will be no place for unenjoyment.

“Realize at all times that God continues to sing in your heart, regardless of how the world looks to you.”